Daniela Silvestrin is a curator, cultural researcher, and organizer-facilitator with a background in law, history of art, and curatorial studies. In her work she explores hybrid artistic practices and knowledge production at the intersection of art, society and the techno-sciences by means of curatorial, artistic, and theoretical approaches that converge through exhibitions, discursive events and text production.

Daniela's interest lies in practices and approaches that critically address, explore and question the physical, ethical, social and geographical boundaries and paradigms from an artistic perspective. Within this field, her research focuses on the potential of speculative and disruptive creative practices to produce new forms of experimental orientation knowledge — and thus on the social relevance of such artistic work and research through its humanistic view onto the meaning and implications of current local and trans-local social and techno-scientific developments.

Daniela works as one of two curators of the “extended program” at the art initiative and platform ACUD MACHT NEU in Berlin, and is co-directing the 28th edition of the dokumentART - films & future festival in Neubrandenburg.
Previously, she co-edited the artist book and publication project "META. Tracing Unknown Knowns" (enhe, Berlin / Mexico City, forthcoming), and is one of the co-editors of the “Book of Anonymity” (punctum books, New York, forthcoming) published by the Reconfiguring Anonymity research group.