Book Launch
META. Tracing Unknown Knowns
transmediale 2018, face value
February 4, 2018
Berlin, House of World Cultures
With: Víctor Mazón Gardoqui, Daniela Silvestrin, Mario de Vega, Carsten Stabenow, Dicey Studios

META. Tracing Unknown Knowns is an artistic investigation and publishing project, launched and presented at transmediale by the artists, editors, and designers who developed it. Its aim is to trace the symptoms, structures, and dynamics of how information is produced, controlled, and distributed in an era marked by so-called post-truth and post-factual politics, as well as more generally by what philosopher Harry G. Frankfurt describes as “bullshit”: the increasing indifference to what is being told as long as it has the desired effects. Based on the conjunction of a portable server, security print materials (UV ink), and a website, META oscillates between screen and paper, digital and analog, tangible and withdrawn, private and public, commodity and commons.