28. dokumentART – films & future, European Film Festival
Neubrandenburg, Germany
October 15 - 20, 2019

With over 80 international documentaries, short feature films and animations, the 28th edition of dokumentART – films and future was one of the year's most important cultural events for both the city of Neubrandenburg and the entire region. The festival focused not just on film art but also on future issues and environmental sustainability in particular.
With an international competition, special programmes, discussions, kids’ and youth events, as well as perspectives on eastern European filmmaking, visitors could once again experience a broad spectrum of inspiring films from dokumentART that encourage to deal with pressing social issues.

Building on the opening film 16 Sunrises, which looked at the future of humanity and society from a global perspective with the greatest possible distance – namely from outer space – the presented documentaries, feature films and animations dug even deeper into this year’s core theme:
A future that has a fateful affect on someone because it unfolds differently than expected or hoped. A future we cannot foresee because life in the here and now is already (too) complex. A future that is simply decided for us, in which money plays a greater role than responsibility for the environment or humanity. Or a utopian future which seems to be more desirable than the present or past, in which technological progress can solve all our problems.
In this sense, dokumentART – films & future both opened the door to distant worlds and invited the visitors to engage in discussion. By committing itself to the future as a festival theme, the festival was not shying away from difficult subject matter, but rather tackling topics that inspire reflection while also giving this material space. Precisely put, it was presenting and addressing challenging topics that would otherwise not be discussed in public or have become inconvenient as we are afraid we will not be able to do anything about them. For the team behind dokumentART, such issues belonged at the heart of the programme precisely because taking responsibility also requires perseverance.
This year’s submissions, and thus the programme selections, reflected a broad spectrum of discussions on these topics. What they all had in common was an urgent objective and clear position. As festivalmakers we were thrilled to present so many films with pressing messages and substantial food for thought at this year’s edition, not just for viewing pleasure but also to initiate discussions.

>> 28. dokumentART – films & future Programme Guide (PDF)

Festival trailer, by André Kirchner

Press selection:
>> "Der kleine Prinz" im Gepäck: Deutschlandpremiere; SZ, 4. September 2019
>> Radio Interview, NB-Radiotreff 88,0: 191005_NB-Radiotreff_INTERVIEW.mp3
>> Filmfestival dokumentART 2019 in Neubrandenburg gestartet; Focus, 15. Oktober 2019

Festival impressions:
28.dokART – opening (photo: Carsten Büttner)

28.dokART – opening (photo: Carsten Büttner)

28.dokART – conversation with filmmakers (photo: Pablo D. Rojas)

28.dokART – presentation by Lisa Pettibone (photo: Carsten Büttner)

28.dokART – conversation and Q&A (photo: Pablo D. Rojas)

28.dokART – workshop with highschool class

28.dokART – jury of the European competition (photo: Carsten Büttner)

28.dokART – festival office (photo: Carsten Büttner)

28.dokART – award ceremony, moderated by Max Moor, with award winner Paul Scholten (photo: Carsten Büttner)

28.dokART – team (photo: Carsten Büttner)ülerworkshop_2.jpg