Hacking the Human Sensorium
together with Susanna Hertrich
14th Mapping Festival, Geneva
10 May, 2018

Making the invisible visible: artist Susanna Hertrich and researcher Daniele Silvestrin will reveal the secret world of electromagnetic (EM) fields – and how easily our senses can be tricked. Using EM field detectors and hands-on experiments, participants will prototype sensorial hacks.

Welcome to a journey through the human and non-human sensorium, where we will play with our perception and reveal what cannot be seen (heard, smelled, tasted, felt). After a series of hands-on experiments that ‘hack’ our primary senses, we enter the secret world of electromagnetic (EM) fields – signals emmitted from wireless telecommunication devices and other microwave technologies – equipped with custom EM field ‘detektors’ (developed by Shintaro Miyazaki and Martin Howse). Over the course of this workshop, participants will develop a new understanding of how we define and use our senses and learn how reflecting on the bodily ways of sensing accessible or hidden information can be used as a methodology in the design and creative prototyping of sensorial hacks.