Curator Art & Science | Co-development of festival theme; Curation of exhibition, performances and artist talk program
STATE Festival 2016, “STATE OF EMOTION - The sentimental machine”
Museum für Naturkunde & Kühlhaus, Berlin, Germany
November 3 - 5, 2016

Emotions are a fundamental source of our most personal experiences in the world. Often considered the essence of what it means to be human, to be "yourself", they are a key influence that motivates action and determines interactions with others. For most of the history of science, emotions have eluded empirical study, considered to be too intangible and too subjective. But during the last decades, groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in areas such as experimental psychology, affective neuroscience, artificial intelligence and molecular biology have created a new momentum for research and experimentation, leading to the development of technologies and applications able to measure, interpret and simulate emotions in various ways and for a wide range of purpose.
“STATE OF EMOTION ­- The sentimental machine” takes on the current state of scientific research and resulting technologies that analyzes, simulates and even taps into human emotions as a starting point of reflection, discussion and experimentation. Topics will range from biological, psychological, and socio-cultural origins of emotions, to the philosophical and socio-political questions arising with the possibilities offered by the development of Emotional Artificial Intelligence (AI) and affective surveillance. The festival program will not only introduce and give an overview of the field, but will also create a platform of common analysis, reflection, speculation and discussion regarding the already existing or possible socio-cultural and socio-political implications and transformations coming along with the newest developments.

> STATE Festival 2016 - Festivalguide
> Audio-Tour through the exhibition with Daniela Silvestrin (in German)

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STATE of EMOTION (photo: Micki Rosi Richter)

STATE Conference (photo: Anne Freitag, THIRD EYE PIX)

STATE Workshops & Interactives (photo: Anne Freitag, THIRD EYE PIX)

STATE Exhibition (photo: Daniela Silvestrin)

Rose Lynn Fisher, installation view (photo: Micki Rosi Richter)

Ruben van de Ven, installation view (photo: Daniela Silvestrin)

Tillmann Ohm, installation view (photo: Micki Rosi Richter)

Jonathon Keats, installation view (photo: Micki Rosi Richter)

Arthur Elsenaar, lecture performance (photo: Anne Freitag, THIRD EYE PIX)

Poppy N+Z, performance (photo: Daniela Silvestrin)


STATE Festival 2014, “STATE of TIME” | Art & Science Forum
Alte Münze, Berlin, Germany
Oktober 31, 2014

STATE Festival’s aim is to inspire new forms of science outreach and to act as a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration between scientists and artists. The program contains scientific talks, interactive installations, a short film competition, workshops, panel discussions, and performances. STATE Festival took place for the first time from 28.10. to 1.11.2014 in Berlin and will be established as an annual event.
The STATE Forum, curated by Daniela Silvestrin, is the festival’s format for critical dialogue and discussion. It featured three panels on the intersection of science and art that presented a selection of leading international initiatives, artists, scientists and other professionals working in this field in order to discuss the aims, challenges, and motivations in toeing the line between art and science:

When artists and scientists meet - artistic research, approaches and endeavours in the scientific worlds
With: Jenny Michel, Barbara Stracke, Alistair McClymont, Luca Pozzi, Daniele Oriti.
Moderated by Daniela Silvestrin.

Creative Collisions between Science and Art: The Science Gallery Story
KEYNOTE by Michael John Gorman
Moderated by Regine Rapp.

Where Art and Science meet - on creating a Third Culture
With: Carsten Hucho, Sibylle Anderl, Christian de Lutz, Joanna Hoffmann.
Moderated by Teresa Dillon.

The STATE of TIME Festival Guide 2014 is accessible online.

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