Synthetic Biology workshop with C-LAB
Art Laboratory Berlin, Berlin, Germany
5th - 7th September 2014

From September 5th to 7th 2014, Art Laboratory Berlin, in cooperation with Desiree Förster and Daniela Silvestrin, invited to a workshop on Synthetic Biology by the artist collective C-LAB (UK).
The workshop addressed artists, designers, DIY biologists, and especially lay people who wanted to gain practical experience with the processes and methods in the creation of new life forms, bio-materials and new forms of expression. During the workshop's three days, C-LAB showed, within a complete cycle of operation, how new forms of expression can be integrated into bacteria by genetic engineering and standardized synthetic biology. 
The workshop took place partly in the makeshift (DIY) laboratory installed in the gallery space of Art Laboratory Berlin, and partly in the professional laboratory for molecular biology at the Institut für Chemie of TU Berlin. The participants were encouraged "to get their hands dirty" during the workshop and work with professional equipment in both an artistic and scientific context. The results and experiences have then been presented, reflected and discussed together with the participants, artists, and other interested professionals of visitors in the „Science Café“ that concluded the 3 days of intensive discussions and experiences.

Co-Curator & Moderator
Artist Talk with C-LAB and Rüdiger Trojok
Art Laboratory Berlin, Berlin, Germany
24th August 2013

On August 24, 2013, Art Laboratory Berlin invited to an artist talk with the artist collective C-LAB (UK) and the biohacker Rüdiger Trojok (Berlin), presented by Desiree Förster and Daniela Silvestrin.
The artists Laura Cinti and Howard Boland (C-LAB) gave insight into their artistic practice, which includes experiments with techniques of synthetic biology. After that the Berlin-based biohacker Rüdiger Trojok presented the do-it-yourself biohacking scene and the possibilities and limits of bringing biotechnologies into private spaces. By combining different perspectives and areas of knowledge this event offered the possibility for exchange, discussion and imagination with regard to the ethical and aesthetic examination of art on the intersection with science and research.